As soon as our warm weather arrives Jeff is ready to remove the top from the Jeep.  It is like having a very capable convertible.  But here is the deal, first this is my daily driver.  I am fortunate enough to not have to drive to many places and rarely daily (I work from an office in our house.)  Second, we live in Arizona.  The monsoon season generally starts in July.  That brings magnificent thunderstorms with lots and lots of rain.  Sometimes you make a quick maneuver and head for cover.  Sometimes there is no cover.  Sometimes you cuss out your husband for putting you in this position.  Other times you laugh and laugh because you are in an enclosed vehicle behind him until he pulls over and you get to help put the tarp on.  Which has quickly collected water and as soon as you straighten the tarp it dumps the ice cold water on your head.  Then you take cover in the other vehicle and laugh until the storm passes.

The great thing about Jeeps, there is something out there for everything.  We have a sunshade which will keep the light rain in check and turn it into a mist, kind of like living in the jungle.  We are looking to get a different top so we can enjoy the best of both worlds.  But in the meantime I am going to enjoy the fact that sometimes we get wet and each time that happens we end up with a good laugh and a sweet memory.  How do you Jeep in the summer?

Topless, T Top, Shade Cover, Top on?


Topless and  dirty – that is the best.

Rain rain go away
Sometimes you have to sit and wait
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