Our 24 year old daughter bought herself a VW Beetle convertible last summer.   She was delighted!  She was thrilled!  What fun she could have going topless!  The car had some bells and whistles and it was little but not too little.  She has wanted a Volkswagen for years and to add to that a Volkswagen convertible Beetle!  Oh the thrill!  On the way back from a trip to California she calls me stating that her air bag warning light came on.  I advised her to come on in, finish that last bit of the drive.  She took it into the dealership and let them know about the warning light and also some other malfunctions.  Coinciding with this was her acceptance of a job in Oregon, so she would be hitting the road in a few days.  The service rep asked if she was driving it to Oregon, she responded in the negative, and he said okay good because I don’t think the reboot is the problem.  If that light comes back on you get the car into a dealer.  That was the beginning of the end for Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597

The “fix” lasted for a couple of months, we actually thought they did indeed get it figured out but then, the light came on and the screwy radio and other such problems occurred.  She took the VW into the dealership close to where she lives and they said oh it’s the battery it is losing its charge and we can charge that up for you for free since it is under warranty.  She left the dealership and within days the warning light was back on. That was the second effort for Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597

So, she went back in there with the car and she was told it was likely something simple.  This was in February.  She was then advised that it was the rollover system.  Positive.  This is definitely the trouble.  The problem with that was they needed to have the tool made to fix it.  In Germany.  Four to Six weeks.  If it were my automobile manufacturing company, I would keep one “special tool” on each continent.  It appears Volkswagen does not share that level headed approach?

So, let me tell you a little something about the Lemon Law in Oregon.  30 days out of service and it qualifies.  We don’t even need to mention the part about it being a safety issue.  But you know what?  She just wanted her car, fixed, safe.  We prepared her that they may want to do a vehicle swap.  So that time the vehicle went in on February 18th.  They gave her a call on March 16th.  Prior to this VW America and the dealership had been placed on notice via certified letter.  Additionally we had been in contact with VW Customer Care.  BUT she had stated if this is the fix then I want to keep my car.  She didn’t make it out of the parking lot before the light went on. You guessed it; that was the tale of the third effort for Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597

Today is April 30th and the car is still in for repairs.  We had requested from Volkswagen that they place us in touch with someone who could resolve this matter.  We requested this multiple times and were ignored.  That is right VW Customer Care just stopped communicating with us.  The husband got a signed Power of Attorney from the daughter to deal with the issue as daughter was getting the run around.  Both VW America and the dealership were provided copies.  No one would respond to him.  Finally we opened a case with the BBB Autoline and VW America was notified and our package presented on April 4th.  After having to follow up with them because VW America had not responded we received a phone call from VW America on April 13th.  They requested additional information that was provided to them on April 14th.  So as you can imagine we were a little unsure of how this was going to go as the husband followed up with VW America on April 24th.  Finally, we received a response on April 25th.  Let me break this down for you more than 5 weeks to contact us once a certified letter was provided to them placing them on notice AND in communication with VW Customer Care requesting contact.  Nothing.  The vehicle has been out of service 74 days as of this writing and 70 of those have been consecutive. Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597 was basically on life support.

Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597
We have a soft spot for VW’s – easy to see why.

As no one had been responding to us and the loaner car came with restrictions it was decided that she needed to get into another car and we would deal with whatever happened with Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597.  We as her parents loaned her the down payment for this second vehicle, less than half of what she put down on her Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597, and she signed the papers for a second vehicle loan, which in case you didn’t know the loan folks look at as risky and you get to pay a higher percentage.  Oh the joy!

When doing the buyback program not only do they want to see the original purchase paperwork and the payoff amount for the vehicle …they want a history of your payments.  Personally I take offense to this not because the payments weren’t current, in fact she was ahead of them, but because it felt like they would take advantage of folks in a tight place.  I think that’s just plain wrong.  I cannot say that is what they do but I have to tell you it just feels wrong.  And you have to watch them too because they missed two of her payments which affects their settlement to you.  Loss of use of the vehicle you have been paying for?  Let me explain this experience for you.

Did you buy that nice Mercedes or maybe you like a Camaro? If they put you in a Golf wagon and you are still paying your car payment on the nice ride you bought, because you like driving it, then there is no loss of use.  No matter that you can’t ride around with the top down, or enjoy your kick ass stereo, or whatever it is.  No, zero, nada on loss of use.  Let’s not even mention that in the beginning they offered her a bus pass.  A freakin bus pass!  Now having your vehicle out for a week or two with a loaner is probably no big thing.  Seventy-two days with restrictions of use on the loaner with no end in sight when the vehicle isn’t even one year old?  When your requests for contact with someone who could resolve the matter went ignored?  Regardless of how the Lemon Law reads, they owe you something for that loss of use, for ignoring you and your repeated assurances to your daughter that both vehicle payments can and will be made until Volkswagen America decides to do the right thing.  Yes, Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597, was a joy to resolve.

Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597
First day with the Lemon.

They have met us half way.  They are buying the car back. It should be re-titled as an “Oregon Lemon Buyback.”  Lots of manufactures transport the cars to other states that don’t recognize the Lemon Law title, so it gets a clean bill of health and will be resold with a clean title.   The apparent problem is a wiring harness.  That is deep.  Very deep into a new car with less than 5,000 miles.  You may have noticed we have used the phrase “Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597” multiple times?  That is our effort to warn any future owner that Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597 is a lemon.  The car will be fixed, shipped to state where the title laws are a bit more friendly and sold to some new owner, that new owner may pull a car fax.  This event may or may not show up on the CarFax.  But, the web doing what the web does, and the Google Bots doing what they do, and the Facebook and Twitter doing their things…… Well, if anybody searches for Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597, pretty confident this will at least inform the new owner that Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597 is a bad bad choice.

We are walking away, slapping the dust off, and ending this.  But I will tell you this, no one in our family would ever buy any Volkswagen product.  Not because there was some unknown extreme failure with the Volkswagen but because Volkswagen doesn’t care about their customers.  They certainly don’t care about Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597.  Of course what do you expect from a company who gamed the system on the emissions cheating deal?  Volkswagen USA can pretty well kiss our ass.  We will never buy a product from them.

They don’t care if you are driving the vehicle you bought, they don’t care if you have extra expenses, they don’t care if you have been lied to about repairs and magic tools that are being shipped from Germany apparently on a boat without tracking because what takes four weeks to ship anymore?  They are very good at placating you and when they don’t have upbeat and positive things to say they will just ignore you.  So for now she is back to driving a Jeep.  She is happy in her Jeep and it has provided everything the Volkswagen didn’t, safety and dependability.

Stay away from Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597.

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4 thoughts on “Volkswagen Lemon VIN 3VW5P7AT0DM802597

  1. Finally you got a resolution. When you dealt with BBB autoline from VW who is it the one you dealt with? Did an Arbitrator rule your case or did VW come to their senses?

    1. VW was willing to resolve without arbitrator. Long process. Good for consumers, but they hang you out on time line. Better than no resolution but the process could be improved.

      1. Can you give me the 411 meaning who is it that you dealt with at VW? After I filed my defect notification form I had to deal with this guy named Adrian G who was a _______k he tried like an attorney to find any excuse to justify somehow i was in the wrong. He told me since I filed the BBB autoline that my case would be transferred to a Lauren or Laura. Anything you can do I would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

      2. Hi, Sorry for the delay. They all go by first name last initial. Their is no single person there. It is a screwy deal, best to go through BBB process. They can help you out with contact, etc if need be.

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