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Wildfire Prevention and Awareness Campaign

Release Date: May 20, 2016

Contact(s): Debbie Maneely: 928-443-8130

The annual “Wildfire Prevention and Awareness Campaign” is planned for Friday May 27.  Sponsored by the Tonto NF, Prescott NF, Coconino NF, Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), Bureau of Land Management, Arizona State Fire, Black Canyon City Fire, Mayer Fire, Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority, City of Prescott Fire and Yavapai County Emergency Management the campaign helps to educate the public and drivers on their role in preventing wildfires.

The “One Less Spark One Less Wildfire” awareness campaign educates drivers and home owners on their roles in helping to prevent wildfires while traveling on Arizona roads and highways; and while working around their homes.  Tips include not parking in tall grass as the heat from parts under your vehicle can start a fire, dragging chains from towing can cause sparks, refrain from welding and use of activities or equipment that may create a spark when fire danger is high – these are just a few tips.

There will be an event about the “One Less Spark One Less Wildfire” campaign for the media and public.

WHERE:  Sunset Point Rest Area located along I-17 at milepost 252 north of Phoenix.

WHEN:  Friday, May 27 from 1-3

More information on One Less Spark and fire prevention can be found at


It only takes one spark to start a wildfire.   Chainsaws, dragging trailer safety chains, carelessly tossed cigarettes, fireworks, abandoned campfires, and discharge of firearms are all known causes of wildfire.  Wildfires impact recreation areas, may destroy homes, and threaten lives.

For more information please contact Debbie Maneely at (928) 443-8130.

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