Hipsters, Homeless and Hauntings in Seattle

I love my Jeff and my dogs and I love taking adventures with them in the Jeep.  But I also enjoy time away with the ladies.  Each year(ish) I try to take a girls vacation.  Sometimes it is just my daughter and I and it may or may not involve her moving to a different region.   A couple of years ago we had planned a trip to Seattle with our friend Christina.  At the time the daughter Jeeper was living in Alaska and had decided to not renew her contract and move back to the lower 48 so we...

Fitbit Equals Death

Fitbit equals death
Fitbit – the death of middle aged men.  OK, that sounds a bit too dramatic. But seriously; Fitbit equals Death. So a few years back I got into the whole workout thing.  Dropped thirty plus pounds, felt good, looked good, ate well.  OK, that is a lie.  I ate chicken and salad.  Yerp, chicken and salad.  Oh man I got tired of that crap.  Mexican restaurant?  Pollo y ensalada.  French restaurant?  Poulet et salade.  Japanese ? チキンとサラダ.  German?  Hähnchen und Sal...

Barks & Brews – This is fantastic! Second Chance Center for Animals

Barks & Brews

Barks & Brews, Flagstaff; How cool is this?

What a wonderful way to start a Monday.  Michael Austin sent us a picture and video.  The video simply kicks butt!  Killer song too!  OK, off to the Ipod store to spend more money.  The video will bring a smile to your face! Guess it was for the first ever Bark and Brews in flagstaff? Here is some info on Barks and Brews. Barks & Brews The first annual Barks and Brews beer tasting and dog walk will take place on Saturday, September 1...

Guns Girls and Jeeps

Shana with a gun.
This is not the usual Jeeping with Dogs, however a Jeep was present as well as the dogs so we have dubbed it acceptable content! First a little background.

I inherited a gun.

The gun belonged to my Great Grandfather Harry who I never had the pleasure of meeting but I am the proud owner of his Colt Officers 38.  It ended up in his daughter’s possession because she was stalked back in the 50’s before they called it stalking.  For the record the police back then told her to shoot him and...

Blaine Long at LiveWire, AZ

Blaine Long
Wow, long time to make a post on the Jeeping with dogs.  Been busy.  Not enough Jeeping, some stuff around the house.  Managed to see Beth Hart in concert at Live Wire.  That was surprising.  Why?  The opening act.  Blaine Long.

So here is the Face Book Post on Blaine Long Music.

I was introduced to Blaine’s music at a Beth Hart show. If you have never been to a blues show, well, it is a step lower in pretense than say a Jazz Festival, but, just a step. It can be a tough room. You ...

Chrysler 200s, an open letter to Chrysler

Chrysler 200s
Hi Chrysler, I don’t know if I am the first retail customer to hit 100,000 miles on the Chrysler 200s, but I figure I am close? Our buddy Christopher Pope at Chapman Auto Center in Payson set us up.  The car is great.  I rave about it all the time when folks ask.  Pretty well all the options but sun roof and AWD.  I am a road warrior as you might guess, I have a trail of worn out cars in my past, and the seat time to assess cars pretty well. I can knock the new right off of them. ...

Jeep Upgrade: Adding Storage and Security with Tuffy Products and Rugged Ridge

With darkened windows, the black side bags and black enclosure are invisible, even while following the Jeep on a trail. Many of us enjoy Jeeping lidless—that is to say, leaving the top in the garage and enjoying the open air Wrangler—or we are forced to park for work in a shady part of town with an easily cut soft top. When we’re involved in these activities, we need security for our onboard gear. There are others of us who simply feel more comfortable with a higher scale of security. We have to apologize here, with a chuckle. When we assembled this shot to show you the enclosure’s components, we were under the impression the long trays on each side of the assembly were part of the construction. They’re not! While they may come in handy later on for another project, for this project they are simply part of the packing material to keep the components safe. Once we discovered they were packing and not parts we were too far along to take another assembly shot. Tuffy’s security products can relieve all of your anxieties. Tuffy makes several products, different models ...

Choosing a wedige on a night run

Night run.

We recently went on a night run with a Jeep group to Greasy Spoon and Broken Arrow.

I am not sure why we haven’t previously done a night run.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I walk around the house whining “I can’t see” and the man has replaced light fixtures and bulbs throughout the house because apparently I have issues with non-lighted areas.  Anyway, so we met with the group at Burger King and got acquainted.  This was great as one of the ladies informed me of...

Jeeping Visuals

Jeeping Visuals
[caption id="attachment_2761" align="alignleft" width="150"]Jeeping Visuals Stairs at Broken Arrow trail, Sedona[/caption] As a follow to our trip to Sedona our buddy Steve was kind enough to send us some videos and additional photos.  Recognizing that we are a visual group, and we need Jeeping visuals,  the videos and photos are gleefully presented.  Weird to see the Jeep outside it.  The noise is tire squeal / chirp.  No worries.  Sorry for the crappy cell quality. Videos are something that we...

Trail Head: How The Jeep Got Its Name

Trail Head: How The Jeep Got Its Name
[The April 2016 issue] is a very special issue. It marks the beginning of our 75 Years of Jeep series, a multi-chapter historical examination of the origin, trial by fire, and growth of the Jeep into the cultural icon it is today. No author we know but Jim Allen could do it justice, and as part of the series kick-off, we invited Allen to do something never done in the (20?) years Jp has existed, write a guest editorial. But then, this is no ordinary year. This is the 75th an...