Fathers day is not biological. Five men; no biological children. Huge Impact

father's day
Fathers Day… I miss my Dad everyday … so Fathers Day is just another reminder.  Jeff and I were chatting the other day and speaking of those special men in our lives who made a big impact.  I always figured I was pretty fortunate as I had a good handful of male role models and they each taught me different things. There was my Pops, Jake:  Honestly, too many things to list but if I had to sum it up in a small box it would be how to live.  To do so with extremes… be frugal, but if...

Overland Expo – Suki Dog was in her element.

overland expo
We always enjoy going to the Overland Expo here in Arizona.  There are some pretty cool things to check out and sometimes things you had not known that you needed!  This is how this goes at our house, we open the back door and the Jeep door and the dogs run and jump into the Jeep (okay Hoodlum runs and jumps into the Jeep while Suki runs towards the Jeep in her excitement and jumps up and down until you put her in said Jeep).   This excitement always gets to me, they don’t have a clue w...

Jeep Wave: Be nice, be kind, do the right thing.

Jeep Wave
Jeep Wave!  When we bought the Jeep I learned of the magical Jeep Wave.  I was told of the wave and I understood I had taken on responsibility in my purchase.  All Jeepers are in a special club and we should take our obligations seriously.  Someone is stuck, unstick them.  Someone waves, wave back.   It is basically how we keep a civil society.  There are rules and there is a point system. I don’t actually know how that all works, an older Jeep is worth more points and I think the y...

Sable’s Freedom Ride – JWD: Guest Post

Guest post
Sable the German Shepherd was rescued in a Jeep. It was the first car ride she had ever taken in her life. She had been permanently chained to a tree in Detroit for the majority of her life and everyday my dad, a plumber, would see her and sneak in the yard to feed her. One day my dad knocked on the door and said "I'll give you $100 if you let me take that dog you have chained up." The woman took the money and Sable was a free girl. The first thing we did when we got Sable off that chain w...

Free Stickers! All you have to do is ask.

Free Stickers
STICKERS!!!!!  Free Stickers at that.  So we have said it before, Jeeping With Dogs is all about fun for us.  We have day jobs.  We don’t sell anything.  We enjoy heading out on adventures with the dogs and chronicling our fun.  There are times when we have more adventures than others…you know pesky work gets in the way.  We decided to give away free stickers.  Why?  Because.  No other reason. Maybe a sense of community?  Me personally I will be like, oh you want to give ...

What Jeep lift should I get? Maybe you should not.

What Jeep lift should I get
What Jeep lift should I get? We frequent some online off-road forums.  Lots of time the same question gets asked over and over.  What Jeep lift should I get?  Short answer: You should not get a Jeep lift - yet. Honestly, a lift is pretty low on the list. A stock Jeep is pretty well capable from the factory.  Yea, yea, cookie cutter tires, short with not much ability to get over a ledge.  Hogwash.  But, I understand, you have a new toy and want to spend some money?  First up, some re...

Shelter or Pet Store? Where Should You Find Your Next Pet

When you decide to expand your family by getting a new furry friend, you have to make a choice between buying a dog or adopting one from a shelter. But what decision is right for your family?  Pet Store Pups When buying a dog from a pet store you need to know that most of these pups come from puppy mills. Puppy mills owners are not loving, nurturing breeders. They run high volume puppy manufacturing with only one goal in mind, to earn highest possible income with very little expense. ...

Saguaro Man Arizona, Part three (final)

On the disappointing side, we had received a message and decided it best to leave out early so we missed the big burn and pretty much the whole of Saturday.  As it turns out everything was okay but sometimes, you need to be somewhere else.  "Adulting" is not fun when you are at Saguaro Man Arizona. Politically this is what I will say, people at the Saguaro Man Arizona burn are very accepting.  They seem to open their arms and embrace the moment.  I would anticipate that most consider t...

Saguaro Man Art, 2017, Part two.

Saguaro Man Art
Let’s talk about the Saguaro Man art.  First of all I will not be able to do these displays justice.  Not even a little.  If you have never been to a burn you may not know what to expect.  Art, as we know, comes in many forms and it was no different at Saguaro Man 2017.  Let’s first start with the structures. Art structures, some big and some small.  We wandered into a couple who were putting four to five foot tall wooden flowers into the ground. (Friendly Flowers!) They had to u...

Saguaro Man 2017, Part one.

Saguaro Man
I came home and started to put down the experience of our first burn, Saguaro Man 2017.  Getting through it I realize this will have to be broken down into thirds.  It is a lot of experience and thoughts to have in one sitting. So, our Saguaro Man experience started before the actual event itself.  Lists (oh my sweet burrito I love a good list!), meal planning, clothing planning, reading and studying (The 10 Principles), orientation, following along on a FB page, and Jeff giving a ride to ...

5 Safety Tips for Hunting Dogs

I have an active, young Weimaraner whose parents and grandparents are working, competitive hunting dogs. While my guy is very much a beginner when it comes to field training (and so am I), I’ve learned about some of the important safety tips for training a hunting dog. Please list your own tips or tricks in the comments below. We’d also love to see a picture of your hunting dog! 5 Safety Tips for Hunting Dogs 1. Train with a mentor or club. If you’re brand new to fieldwork, ...